Companies to Watch in 2018

We are in for a really powerful year. Many companies have started to successfully go forward and to leave their mark in the world. That is why we have decided to share with you some of the best companies to watch in 2018.


The digital world is ever-growing, so it is of extreme importance that the website of a certain company has the ability to convert. Concurra will help the companies optimize their website, which will improve the experience to everyone that will visit their site. This company provides a mixture of goal tracking, web analytics, A/B testing, page personalization, heat mapping, session recording, rapid prototyping and multivariate testing. Since the beginning of this company, they have had a 300% company growth.


This company will help the mobile companies with three things: reach, convert and retain users. Over the years, this company has raised around £90 in funding. They have made partnership with some of the most popular brands, including Zynga, Tinder and Grab.


This company is based in London, UK by Morten G. Ulsted. Did you know that out of five, one couple has a problem in getting pregnant and more than 8 million men are infertile? That is why Morten established his company that can help many couples get their bundle of joy. ExSeed has a device that can help a lot of couples without any invasive procedures, hormonal treatment, heartaches. And another important thing that is worth mentioning is that it would save billions of dollars to the healthcare.


After the success with Uber, Luciana Pavan (CMO) and Candice Saffa (CEO) decided to step up their game and established Zing. Zing is a service that provides rides for working moms and dad. And the best thing is that they also use moms and dads. So, kids that are eight years old or older, can enjoy their after-school activities or can be dropped off anywhere they need to be. This will give peace to many parents around. For now, Zing only operates in Miami, USA.

BRAVA Investments

BRAVA Investments is a Stealth Female Project that was established by Nathalie Molina Niño. This company is located in USA. Over the years, it is expected that this company will change the face of the women’s reproductive health. We strongly believe that this company will change the lives of around 62% of the women that have fertility issues.


This company is all about the job requirements and the skills. Tilr is all about creating new partnerships that will help the gig-economy workers get health insurance.


Another company that is based in London, UK. Ctrlio was established by Dominic Strowbridge (CPO) and Laurence John (CEO). This company is about active interest signal targeting. Ctrlio is supposed to help brand in a way that they would know when a customer is looking for a new service or a product. As a result, the brand will be able to bid and create more precise plans.