Ways to Earn Money Online

If you are spending too much time on the computer and on the internet, you should know that you can turn in into your money-making hobby or eventually a primal job. There are many interesting ways of making solid money online with the simple, everyday things we all do on the internet. Not only this will bring you money, but it will also make you happy and satisfying as you will not be required to “work”, but do the things you usually do.

Let’s see whether you will like our small list and be able to convert your time spent on the internet into a valuable piece of paper.


Win Prizes Searching the Internet

Just about everyone is using the internet nowadays. If you are searching for some interesting recipe, a song you wish to hear, to see how to tie your shoe or build a house in 10 days, the search engines will help you find everything you need. And almost all of the people are using Google as a tool to do that. If you neglect Google and try searching for PCH Search and Win, you can end up with a really big smile on your face. The site offers a prize with almost every search, and to find out how it works just visit the site and you will need nothing more.

There is an amazing story about Natalie Bostelmann who won a million Dollars publishing just one article using the PCH Search and Win site.




Working as a freelancer offers a unique experience and will most definitely give you a little extra bonus cash while doing what you love the most. You can draw, write, compose, or even find some local jobs.


Win Prizes While Working Out

It’s hard to keep motivated, and even the amazing bodies of celebrities you’ve set as your phone wallpaper fail to keep the high level of inspiration. But money will definitely keep you moving!

There are few interesting applications that offer prizes as an exchange of you being healthier. Bounts, a UK-based website earns you points by connecting your phone activity tracker with the applications. The points are exchanged for gifts that can eventually win you amazing prizes.

Bodybuilding.com is another fun website that will do anything for you to keep lifting those weights. It works on the same principle as Bounts – it connects to your active application from your phone and encourages you to be fitter by applying credits to your website account.

At the end of a session, you can win lucrative wins. This method is perfect for the people that want to begin bodybuilding or regular exercises and are in lack of motivation, and for the ones that would love to keep the high level of it.