Ridiculous Online Business Ideas

The Internet opened to door to all types of crazy businesses. Many have tried, some have succeeded, yet others have made off pretty well with stupid yet ingenious ideas. Here we have some Ridiculous Online Business Ideas that may or may not inspire you to turn your boiler on and come up with an idea that takes the cake from other stupid yet ingenious ideas.

The Pixel Page

Or otherwise know as The Million Dollar Homepage, was a website created by a university student Alex Tew in England who was pondering for a way to pay for his education bills. His idea was ingenous, and the cause was a solid invitation for open-minded individuals (and companies) to participate and help this student reach his goal. Alex managed to generate one million dollars by selling pixels on a 1000 x 1000 grid which was his website’s home page. Just few years after the site was launched (2005) it managed to reach the set amount. The last of the money needed to reach a million was obtained through an auction on Ebay, on which 1000 pixels were sold for $38,100.

The end result is a cornucopia of pixelated images. Some of these are unintelligible, while others can be read thanks to their donors buying enough pixels to make their company visible. So you could see there the logo of a Casino, the London metro, labmarks, Free Hosting, a dollar sign, a green sign that says “Don’t Click”, another green sign that says “Even Monkeys Fall From Trees”, some Tom Corven and his portrait, Grant Money and so on.

Sell Some Air

Yes, there was one company that started first selling air on the Internet. They turned some heads and started to become noticed even more. This brought them the hype and the attention that is the main prerequisite for making a lot of money from a stupid (yen ingenious) idea. Yes, air can be sold in cans or bottles. Better yet, air can be obtained for free from anywhere in the world where it is deemed as the best air on the planet, or similar such accolades. Hey who knows, maybe you can come up with a company that validates the quality of the air found in specific locations so that companies would know how to adequately price it. One certain company is known for selling mist besides air. Indeed, they harvest the morning mist into cans and sell it in ultra hip containers.

Invent a Smiley Face

Couple of guys made many millions from the smiley face. Too bad for its originator, who never made anything more than couple of bucks for having drawn it as a symbol for some company, but never trademarked the thing. Two brothers, Murray and Bernard Spain did just that and started slapping the smiley face on pretty much everything – from shopping bags to t-shirts, to refrigerator magnets. The estimated profit that was derived from the smiley face and all its associations is in the ballpark of $500 million.