Social Media and Productivity at Work

It’s inevitable that social media is bounding with our bone marrow more and more as the years pass by. The 1st thing we do when we wake up is checking our notifications, and the last thing we do before going to bed is checking the notifications of either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or what else not. We tent do to that throughout the whole day, and we tend to do that even when we work.

When we are looking through the social media posts or checking whatever they can offer, we are not working. Therefore, many workplaces are keeping a close eye on the performance and productivity of their employees and they are setting firewalls, blocking some major social media sites and watching their employees as they can get carried away when using the mobile phones.

But what makes social media usage at work a distraction? Can we really constantly work for 8 hours with just one long break? What if we are just resting for a minute or two? Is it really a distraction and does it need to be stopped?

According to recent studies, the most checked sites are Facebook, followed by Instagram and Twitter, different kinds of blogs depending on the interest.

The big companies in the past had other problem which was considered and taken similarly to this one, and it’s the Water Cooler. Since distraction is nothing new, and it was always present at work, the social media is put in the same bulk of bad things at work as the regular chats near the water cooler.

As we said, we put it in the same bulk, and for someone, it’s a major problem because of the accessibility of the electronic device and the destruction has never been easier. And with the social media constantly updating, and new things appearing every minute. With the design of the pages being so addictive, it’s hard to avoid it.

There were several researchers that can closely relate to this issue. The ultimate result was: When you receive like, share your information, or contact with your loved one, you immediately activate the dopamine system in your brain, which gives a signal to your body that something good is happening. After this sensation, you immediately are seeking for more as soon as possible.

The feeling of a sensation is by far a bad thing, as it makes you happy and interactive, as well as social. But the fear of the employees is that it will make you too social during the work hours.

Another study worked in the favour or the employers, suggesting that social media in the workplace is really bad for the company in several ways. It promotes bad business reputation, may be the reason for data leaks, cyber crook scams and accessibility to information about the organisation. What do you think, is social media a bad thing to use in the workplace?